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SOURCING: Sourcing of desired products can be a nightmare sometimes especially when timing is of essence. With the skill of our experienced employees, sourcing is an everyday thing we actually look forward to. Alor Logistics has the capability to source any type of product on client’s behalf within a most reasonable amount of time, and will come up with different options clients can choose from. Many clients have found out that it is better to engage our services than doing it by themselves for it’s still cheaper even with our service charge, because of our ability to get a better pricing from the manufacturers and distributors. Most of the savings we get through our negotiating power and account history are passed to our clients, making it a win – win situation for them.


PROCUREMENT: Procuring products and services in the USA may not be as easy as it seems, most USA companies are very selective on whom they do business with. In a bid to avoid fraudulent transactions, many USA companies have turned down genuine business proposals originating from regions that they are not comfortable with including some African countries. African companies and businesses have also lost huge amount of money to some unverified and fraudulent USA companies during the course of procuring products from these companies.


Alor Logistics bridges the gap and makes sure both parties are safe. Nigeria and other African companies now have a trusted partner they can outsource their procurements to and still maintain their peace of mind throughout the entire transaction processes. Payments of goods and services are made through Alor logistics while we pay your desired USA companies thereby eliminating the risk associated with Forex and other transfers. Clients from Nigeria can also make payments in Nigeria Naira at agreed exchange rate which is usually Lagos Parallel Market rate, and don’t have to worry about sourcing Forex themselves.

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Your Virtually Partners

Alor Logistics has already established business accounts with many USA companies and are constantly expanding those list, especially companies that deal with what are already in demand in Nigeria and other African Nations. We’ve also been able to negotiate better pricing from companies we have account with and pass the savings to our customers.


Alor Logistics has partners virtually in all areas ranging from Technology, Communications, Medicals, Nutrition, Automotive, Beauty Products, Apparels, Fashion Accessories, and Oil & Gas and so on. Our partners included but not limited to Manheim Auto Auction, HP, Sam’s Club, 3M, Medline, Costco. Dell, Toyota, Intercontinental Auto Parts, Amazon and many others.

If You Need It We Can Find It


Just as our partners spar across all sections of the economy, so as products we can conveniently procure. Alor Logistics can virtually be able to procure any type of products desired by our clients. If for any reason we haven’t partnered or opened an account with the company that interests you, we will work towards establishing an account within a short period of time.


Products we can procure ranges from Automobiles (from Dealer Auctions and Dealerships), Computers, Beauty Products, Apparels, Oil and Gas equipment and safety products, Medicals and Medical equipment, Electronics, Supermarket items and many others.

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